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July 2016

A picture perfect day

The more I knit the less I have

Yesterday was one of those disappointing days in the world of knitting. Last week I started to knit the Cancun Boxy Lace Top which is a wonderful free ravelry pattern by Erin Kate Archer  (There also is a youtube video ). I finished the front... Continue Reading →


Last year I read the book "Magic Cleaning" by Marie Kondo, a Japanese Woman who has dedicated her life to organizing her life and that of others. She uses some easy to follow but drastic rules to unclutter your space.... Continue Reading →

Will I really do it

Today I was cleaning the house and I realized that every room is in kind of a chaos mode again. This makes cleaning such a hassle. I will have to get in to action and get rid of all the... Continue Reading →

Shoulder bag 1.2

I did it again

My latest project is a typical example of how my projects seem to develop a life of their own. The last time I was at my favorite Wool store the owner had just crafted a very beautiful shawl made in... Continue Reading →

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