My latest project is a typical example of how my projects seem to develop a life of their own.

The last time I was at my favorite Wool store the owner had just crafted a very beautiful shawl made in the tunisian crochet technique. I was very keen in trying this myself. Before starting a serious garment I decided to use some of the leftover yarn from my stash, that was lying around forever collecting dust.
I chose a grey wool and just cast on a couple of stitches. It turned out to be so much fun that I decided to do a little project after all. Since the result of my crochet efforts with the chosen yarn turned out to be very tight and thick I thought some kind of square seat cover for my balcony chair would be easy enough. So I started over with a larger number of stitches and went on crocheting. For a while there I was very content. But honestly once you figure out how to do the basic tunisian crochet stitch it is not very challenging. So I began to think about what other great things I might be able to create with this technique. This must be perfect for baskets, table runners or bags. The last idea sounded quite appealing, so I was trying out how I could transform the so far crafted piece into a bag without having to unravel everything.
Once I had an image in my mind I continued with more enthusiasm eager to see the result. I crocheted a rectangle which I folded in half, added a shoulder Strap and a closing flap, steam ironed everything, sewed everything together and voila: a brand new shoulder bag.