Yesterday was one of those disappointing days in the world of knitting.

Last week I started to knit the Cancun Boxy Lace Top which is a wonderful free ravelry pattern by Erin Kate Archer  (There also is a youtube video ). I finished the front in just two days and I almost did the back in the same time but yesterday when I was knitting the last few rows I realized I made a mistake  with one of the stitches.  Instead of knitting after letting the dropstitch slip I purled and -how could it be any other way- it was at the beginning of my piece.

My first instinct was to keep it that way since it is a sample pattern top anyways, but I know this would bug me every time I would want to wear it. So I did what I had to do and unraveled the whole thing down to the mistake. I ended up with only a couple of rows left on the needle. Now I have less of a finished piece than when I started knitting yesterday *deep sigh*.  This shirt will keep me busy for a couple of days more than I expected, especially since I am not that eager anymore. Maybe I start something new before getting back to this project.

I am sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about.