I was quite busy for the last two weeks with things just too boring to write about. But one thing that was a welcome distraction was a photo shoot with bine q. 

I have not been very interested in people photography until a couple of months ago. I went to a fashion photography workshop with a professional model which was a lot of fun and made me more curious if I could do that. So I asked my best friend bine qu , if she would help me try some stuff out. And since she is a very open minded person, she agreed right away.

Of course I do not own a studio, I do not have a flash system  and besides this one workshop I have no experience at all so what could go wrong? But I do own a camera, a black background and a backyard, which is all we needed for our first tryout. We had so much fun moving around in the garden, taking pictures,changing outfits and listening to some music to get into the mood. We spent a couple of hours just going with the flow, trying every idea that popped into our minds,(mis)using my yoga mat and sometimes laughing so hard that we had to stop.

Now we caught fire! We will most definitely do that again. Next stop: finding great locations.