My friend bine qu and I share a love for crafts. Last year we went a little bit overboard with our hat-, beanie-, cap- and bonnet-knitting and crocheting. We produced dozens in one winter and in the end we thought there must be a way to do something crazy with them. So when our friend, who lives in South Africa, had a birthday coming up, we had the idea to take some silly pictures and turn them into a calendar.

We took my camera and a tripod, put all of our hats in a backpack and went to an indoor/ outdoor museum of Modern Art to start our project. The nice lady at the front desk informed us, that we were not allowed to use a tripod for taking pictures (don’t ask me why), so we had to leave it in the car. Since we both wanted to be in the picture we needed to improvise. First we had to determine where we could position the camera, than I had to choose the right camera settings, then push the button for the 10 sec Timer and run into position.

It was quite a challenge but in the end we were kind of glad that we were not allowed to use the tripod, because that way we had to be really creative and got some interesting perspectives. We also had fun editing the pictures and in the end we had a very unique present that was a great success.