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September 2016

Lace Top – Second Try

As some of you know I started knitting the Cancun Boxy Lace Top and had a little mishap. I put the project aside for a while but two days ago I decided that it was time to finish it. This time I paid more attention to the pattern and it was no problem at all to complete it. I used 4 Skeins of  Rustic Silk by Katia (50g/ 125 m).  It is a nice summer Yarn that looks and feels very natural. The name fits because it is 100 % silk but it does not have a silky shine, it looks more like linen but it feels softer and is easy to knit. I think it was a good choice for this project. I sewed the back and front together this morning and now I have a nice lace top that I can wear over my plain shirts and tops or even a dress to make it more fun.p1050412sep

Visiting Boulder, Colorado

I am spending a few days in Boulder Colorado. People here love the outdoors and it is not hard to see why. The weather is great almost all year long. Nature is all around. Riding a bike is lots of fun since they have special bike lanes all around the town. So it is easy to get by without a car. And even outside of town there are lots of bike trails. I went to see the Rocky Mountain National Park (by car) which is so beautiful and impressive. The views are spectacular. It is a sight I will miss when I have to go back.

The Selfie Challenge

I started a photo challenge with my friend bine qu to take a selfie everyday for some new  ideas for interesting and unusual portraits. So far it is lots of fun. You have to get real creative to find new angles. I took almost all of my pictures at home. After a while you start to see all the great possibilities that the lighting, the background or some accessoires provide. One does not have to travel far for great foto opportunities.


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