As some of you know I started knitting the Cancun Boxy Lace Top and had a little mishap. I put the project aside for a while but two days ago I decided that it was time to finish it. This time I paid more attention to the pattern and it was no problem at all to complete it. I used 4 Skeins of  Rustic Silk by Katia (50g/ 125 m).  It is a nice summer Yarn that looks and feels very natural. The name fits because it is 100 % silk but it does not have a silky shine, it looks more like linen but it feels softer and is easy to knit. I think it was a good choice for this project. I sewed the back and front together this morning and now I have a nice lace top that I can wear over my plain shirts and tops or even a dress to make it more fun.p1050412sep