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October 2016

A new adventure

Once again I have to start all over again all in a moment’s notice. My husband had to switch jobs and we had four weeks to decide between New York, Boulder (CO), Munich or Zurich. I could not see myself living in New York. We checked out Boulder, CO which is a very nice area. The nice weather and the fast access to the Rocky Mountains was very tempting but in the end we did not want to be so far away from our families. Our kids just moved out and our parents might need us at some point. So it was pretty much a race between Munich/ Germany and Zürich/ Switzerland and we chose the latter, mainly because of the better job opportunities for my husband. Continue reading “A new adventure”

Choosing my Language

I am not a diary writer. I tried it a couple of times as a kid and again later. I wrote a few pages and after reading it I decided all I had to say was inconsequential and boring, so I stopped. This happened every time. I must have started ten or so diaries in my lifetime, I never got the hang of it.

When I started my blog I first was not sure which language I wanted to write in. Being German myself, German seemed to be the logical choice. The odd fact is, when I think about stories I want to write, English is the language that pops into my mind. If I try to say the same things in German I find myself at a loss of words.


Continue reading “Choosing my Language”

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