Once again I have to start all over again all in a moment’s notice. My husband had to switch jobs and we had four weeks to decide between New York, Boulder (CO), Munich or Zurich. I could not see myself living in New York. We checked out Boulder, CO which is a very nice area. The nice weather and the fast access to the Rocky Mountains was very tempting but in the end we did not want to be so far away from our families. Our kids just moved out and our parents might need us at some point. So it was pretty much a race between Munich/ Germany and Zürich/ Switzerland and we chose the latter, mainly because of the better job opportunities for my husband. We already found a very nice appartement for rent in Zurich which is a lot smaller than our house is right now. Now we have to sell our house and most of our stuff, since we will not move back to the same area. It was a quiet and safe place to raise our kids but now we both want some more cultural exposure. I will spent the next weeks sifting through all the unnecessary things we have accumulated over the years. I wanted to do that for quite some time now. This is my chance to get rid of it once and for all.