I am not a diary writer. I tried it a couple of times as a kid and again later. I wrote a few pages and after reading it I decided all I had to say was inconsequential and boring, so I stopped. This happened every time. I must have started ten or so diaries in my lifetime, I never got the hang of it.

When I started my blog I first was not sure which language I wanted to write in. Being German myself, German seemed to be the logical choice. The odd fact is, when I think about stories I want to write, English is the language that pops into my mind. If I try to say the same things in German I find myself at a loss of words.


Everything seems to be so stiff and not very snazzy. Same thing as before. I was never a good English student in school. In fact it was one of the classes I didn’t really look forward to. After I had finished school I did not practise English at all. But then we moved to the USA in 1993. It was not my choice, my husband was working for an American company at that time and the move was a requirement. We stayed for six years, so I was finally forced to make friends with the English language. In the first year I hardly talked to anybody. But my understanding got much better (watching TV helped a lot) and finally I stepped outside my comfort zone and started interacting with people. After a while I got more comfortable with the English Language, I started dreaming in English as well and when we moved back to Germany 1999 even my thoughts were in English and I had trouble finding the right German words. Even now words come easy to me although it is not my native tongue and I guess I make some mistakes but all in all I like it better. My husband and I switch between both languages and we watch all English/ American movies in the original version. We cannot stand the German dubbing voices.

And it is the first time I seem to stick to my writing even though I do not write on a daily basis. I am convinced that my former writer’s block was a result of me not having found my language yet.