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November 2016

Updating my side

I changed the size of some of the featured images on my side to get better loading times, because It took forever. Performance seems to be better now.

November Blues

Moving day is coming closer. Preparations are progressing. Moving to another country needs a lot of planning. There are a lot of regulations one has to be aware of. Some issues are very time sensitive, so we have to make a lot of reminders in our calendars. Otherwise we would lose track. My husband and I have a list and we both are working on to get things done. Continue reading “November Blues”

Accumulus Maximus

Last spring my mother in law had to move into a nursing home. She had lost her leg and as a result she now needs constant help. Before this happened she lived in a house all by herself so it was really hard for her to leave everything behind. We spent weeks driving back and forth collecting everything she wanted to keep: furniture, dishes and vases, glasses and table linens. My mother in law remembers when she bought all her things or who gave them to her which seems to give her comfort. She has a fairly big appartement in her nursing home, which is now pretty crammed with all her knick knacks. If we would have let her, she would even have put more things in there, but we told her that she needed space to move around with her wheelchair.

Now we are in a somewhat similar situation in which we have to leave a lot of things behind and I find myself to be very disconnected. Continue reading “Accumulus Maximus”

Leafless in Zurich

We had a huge garage sale last weekend. We were very lucky,  it was a very beautiful Sunday, so we were quite successful. We sold a lot of things but there is still stuff left that I want to donate, give away or just throw out.

Yesterday the rain started and I am afraid it will continue until we move to Zurich. Usually I do not mind fall weather, I like to cuddle under a blanket, sip some hot tea and work on one of my knitting projects. This year I do not really have the time to do this because of all the moving preparations. By now the trees have changed colors and  I have been raking leaves for the last two weeks. We plan our move to Zurich for the middle of December. By then the trees will be leafless. In less than two months I will have a new home in a new country. Feels a bit unreal.

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