Moving day is coming closer. Preparations are progressing. Moving to another country needs a lot of planning. There are a lot of regulations one has to be aware of. Some issues are very time sensitive, so we have to make a lot of reminders in our calendars. Otherwise we would lose track. My husband and I have a list and we both are working on to get things done.

Finally we have a date for the moving company. On December 19th they will start packing and we will be unpacked on December 22nd in Zurich. We will return to Germany for Christmas and start our new life in Switzerland a few days after.

Right now the weather here in Germany is very depressing and I start feeling a bit blue about my future. I probably would be more optimistic if we would move in spring or summer with more sunny days that would make everything look brighter. The constantly grey sky is unnerving. Right now I feel neither here nor there. But I hope for this to change as soon as we are settled in and no longer in the state of transition.