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December 2016

Christmas is over, the move is done but there is still lots of stuff to do. We decided not to spend too much money on furniture. We  bought most of our new things at IKEA, which meant putting together closets and shelves ourselves. We finished our bookshelves yesterday and today we built our bedroom closet. Now we have to unpack the last boxes and put everything in the right place. I hope we will be done when the New Year begins.

Moving day has finally come. Since yesterday our belongings are being packed. Today the last boxes will be filled, the last pieces of furniture will be disassembled. We are glad that we decided not to pack everything ourselves, instead we chose a local moving company to do it for us. These guys are so much more efficient than we would have been. We could not have done it that fast.

Tonight we will be in our new apartement in Zurich. The moving guys will get everything to customs at the Swiss border tomorrow morning and in the afternoon the unloading and unpacking will begin…


This is the last week. The moving truck will show up next Monday, December 19th. Time is running out and we are in action mode once again. After a fairly calm last week, we now feel the pressure of getting everything in order again. There is a lot of canceling, changing and rearranging to do. We don’t want to forget anything important. We are still selling some of our stuff and we’ve got the feeling that there won’t be enough time to get everything into order. In between there are other obligations like driving my mother in law to the doctors, and getting a support system for her into place, which is not that easy.


Hear myself think

Finally things are starting to get back to normal. The house is almost in order and there are a few things left we still have to do. My brain is starting to relax  and I can hear myself think again. Now I do not always have to do the things I have to, but also the things I like to do. Right now this is mainly saying my good byes to the friends I made here over the last 16 years. Continue reading “Hear myself think”

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