New Year has come and gone and we really did not care much about it. We did not make any resolutions, we were too busy putting our life in order. Today we finished my den/guest room. So today is also the first time since our move that I can use my computer without feeling like sitting in the middle of a construction site and so I do. The temperature has dropped a few degrees. We had some snow the last couple of days and it is now – 5 °C, although the wind feels much colder.

In the morning we went to Zurich Central Station to get our tickets for public transportation. We chose a year-long subscription (since you can save quite some money) and that was the first time that it hit me: This is going to be my home for the next years to come. Buying those tickets made it so much more real than anything else we had done before. I guess it was the commitment for a whole year that caused this feeling. Never would have thought that the act of buying a bus ticket could cause such an emotional response, but it did. It took me a while to shake off this unwanted feeling of uneasiness.

We went for a walk afterwards and had lunch at the restaurant Zeughauskeller, which was ok but not as good as other restaurants we had been to before. Then we walked back to our car passing by the river Sihl that is partly frozen and also a fountain that was still running with some icicles covering it. I just had to take a picture with my phone.

In the afternoon and evening we put up some ceiling lights and I finally could clear out the last stuff that did not belong in my room. Now I can look outside the window and I can see the floor. I like that, from now on I will spend more time in here.