When we made our decision to move to Zurich/ Switzerland we were fully aware of the high living costs they have here. Still I was shocked every time we went to the supermarket. Food costs twice as much as in Germany and we also spend double the amount on rent.

But I start to see the advantage in this. I choose the things I buy more concious. I do not want to waste anything, so I go for reasonable portions. I rather go to the supermarket more often and as a result everything we have is allways fresh. All in all I buy less but we still have all the things we need. And yes, food is more expensive, but it is of a very high quality. Even the lower priced items are of better quality than regular priced items in Germany.

So we will dial down on luxury items like chocolate, ice cream and so on I think we will be fine and probably more healthy along the way. And isn’t that worth something?