It was snowing pretty much every day last week, but yesterday afternoon the sun came out. So we put on our snowboots, hats and mittens and went for a walk. We started from our appartement which is located in the part of Zurich called Höngg. We walked across the Werdinsel (a little island in the middle of the river Limmat) trying to spot beavers that are supposed to be living there right now – but unsuccessful.

We continued walking up the hill passing the church and the town vineyard. On our way up we saw our first milk dispenser.

Apparently some farmers offer fresh milk in little sheds like this. You have to bring your own container, pay for the amount of milk you want to buy and then you can pump the milk. We did not bring a bottle. Otherwise we would have tried it.


Finally we reached the Hönggerberg where a lot of families had gathered for some fun in the snow. There was a lot going on. Kids rolling in the snow, creating snow angels, building snowmen and pulling their sleds up the hill just to go down again and again. We watched them for a while, and then continued our way which led us to a nice restaurant “Die Waid” with a great view of Zurich, the lake and the mountains. On clear days you can even see the Alps from here. We stayed for coffee and cake before we went back home. We had just reached the river when it started to snow again.