In winter Zürich has lots of days when the sky is depressingly grey and the sun just doesn’t want to show itself. The last time I decided to get out and take some pictures was just one of those days. Even during bad weather Zürich has lots to offer. There are a couple of interesting museums, there are lots of restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities to keep one busy during a rainy day. I like visiting museums and eating at good restaurants but i ended up at the Zurich Lake – again. The lake is the one thing that I have totally fallen in love with right from the start. Nothing can compare with that. It is so beautiful and it makes me feel calm and peaceful, especially when the weather is not that great. Fewer people walk along the shore, fewer voices, less distraction. I find this to be ideal circumstances to clear my head.

No relaxation method works as well for me as the sight of the lake. I do not need company, I do not need a book. I spend hours just looking at the lake, breathing, relaxing my eyes.