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July 2017

Short Sleeved Sweater

I have been busy with my photography lately but I have managed to finish oe of my creating by doing projects. This tim it is a knitted/ crocheted summer sweater. The yarn I used was Lana Grossa Diva which is 95 % Cotton and 5 % Cellulose in the colours orange and red. I started by knitting a sleeveless top with a garter stitch bottom and everything else in stockinette stitch.

After sowing the front and back together I picked up all the stitches around the neckline and knit one row in stockinette stitch after that I did an I-Cord Bind of as I have found it in the book Cast on and Bind off  by Leslie Ann Bestor which adds some interest to the otherwise plain top.  When I had finished it, I still found it to be missing something. It fit ok, but it was a bit boring. I still had some yarn left over so I thought some kind of  sleeves would be nice. It took me a while to figure out, but then I went for crocheted sleeves to add some texture to the project. And since it is just the middle of summer I will be able to wear it, before it gets colder again.

Furniture Socks

My friend Amy has made some knitted furniture “socks” to put over the legs of her kitchen chairs. I thought they’re a great alternative to sticky felt pads, which allways fall off when I move  our furniture around.

Since we have new hardwood floors everywhere I wanted to try these self-made protectors on our sofa. Instead of knitting I decided to crochet them in single crochet stitches and used some leftover grey wool yarn. Now I will have to wait, if the “socks” stay on the sofa legs. If so I will make them for all of our movable furniture.


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