Here is my latest fun project for summer. I just finished this crochet scarf in just a few days by following the free pattern by Katia.

It is  a very easy beginner pattern (provided in 6 different languages with a stitch chart) and consists of chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet and triple crochet. I used the suggested yarn Katia Spring Rainbow which is a multicolored blend of 50% cotton/ 50% Acrylic which comes in a variety of color combinations (in my case No. 50 dark blue – beige – white). One ball is enough for the whole scarf.  There are two downsides to the yarn. It is that it is a 4 ply untwisted yarn and you have to be careful to pull all 4 plies through and place your stitches. Also there are a lot of knots in the yarn, because the colour change is a result of single plies being changed to another color and these are connected with a knot (I think it was six or seven knots all together). This results in a lot of loose ends that you have to interweave which one would not expect  when dealing with a single skein of yarn. But I think the result makes up for the hassle. The scarf turned out to be lightweight and soft, ideal for summer evenings.