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Furniture Socks

How to keep your furniture’s feet cozy and quiet


The costs of living

How the costs of living after our move to Switzerland make me rethink my consumer behaviour.

Christmas is over, the move is done but there is still lots of stuff to do. We decided not to spend too much money on furniture. We  bought most of our new things at IKEA, which meant putting together closets... Continue Reading →

Moving day has finally come. Since yesterday our belongings are being packed. Today the last boxes will be filled, the last pieces of furniture will be disassembled. We are glad that we decided not to pack everything ourselves, instead we... Continue Reading →

Hear myself think

Saying my good byes, only two weeks until moving day

Accumulus Maximus

Last spring my mother in law had to move into a nursing home. She had lost her leg and as a result she now needs constant help. Before this happened she lived in a house all by herself so it... Continue Reading →

Leafless in Zurich

Moving Preperations


Living in a rural area, one is used to all kind of animals in the garden. We have lots of birds, squirrels, hedgehogs rabbits, moles, martens, cats, occasionally the neighbours' dogs and very rarely a fox. Today however we had a... Continue Reading →

Last year I read the book "Magic Cleaning" by Marie Kondo, a Japanese Woman who has dedicated her life to organizing her life and that of others. She uses some easy to follow but drastic rules to unclutter your space.... Continue Reading →

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