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Change is coming!

Dear friends, I have decided to change my blogging format.

In the future my photography related blog will now be found here:

Simulacrum – out in left field. Click on the name to get redirected.

On Simulacrum I will share my newest pictures as well as ideas, tipps and tricks regarding photography.

I will also continue downright me, but only for my crafts related topics. Here I will share my latest sewing, knitting and crocheting projects, the development and results.

This will make it easier for you to find the topics you are interested in.

I would be happy if you would continue following either one or both of my blogs.

Thank you!



Featured post

Knitted Knockers

I just finished my first pair of knitted knockers and I want to continue knitting more in all sizes. How did I get this idea? Since we moved to Zürich I am looking for ways to keep myself busy. So I checked out the charity options in my area and this group called Knitted Knockers ZH (Zürich) caught my eyes. Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. This is a way to put my knitting skills to good use.

In short Knitted Knockers are people who knit soft cotton breast prosthetics for women that have undergone mastectomy. They are a great alternative to the heavy, expensive and often uncomfortable traditional breast prosthetics. Something I can relate to all too well.

The Zürich group has just started. Hopefully we will be successful, so that the organisation will grow and provide help to many women.

The organisation was founded by Barbara Demorest who is a breast cancer survivor and wants to make life a little bit easier for women during their difficult times. So she came up with the idea of  an organisation to provide women with these soft knitted prosthesis right after their surgery  in the clinic.

knockers with the stuffing
size can be adjusted


If you like to learn more about the organisation or Barbara’s background story go to . With the provided patterns you can join the cause or you can request a knocker for yourself.



Lace Top – Second Try

As some of you know I started knitting the Cancun Boxy Lace Top and had a little mishap. I put the project aside for a while but two days ago I decided that it was time to finish it. This time I paid more attention to the pattern and it was no problem at all to complete it. I used 4 Skeins of  Rustic Silk by Katia (50g/ 125 m).  It is a nice summer Yarn that looks and feels very natural. The name fits because it is 100 % silk but it does not have a silky shine, it looks more like linen but it feels softer and is easy to knit. I think it was a good choice for this project. I sewed the back and front together this morning and now I have a nice lace top that I can wear over my plain shirts and tops or even a dress to make it more fun.p1050412sep

Easy Breezy Top

Calendar Girls

The more I knit the less I have

Yesterday was one of those disappointing days in the world of knitting.

Last week I started to knit the Cancun Boxy Lace Top which is a wonderful free ravelry pattern by Erin Kate Archer  (There also is a youtube video ). I finished the front in just two days and I almost did the back in the same time but yesterday when I was knitting the last few rows I realized I made a mistake  with one of the stitches.  Instead of knitting after letting the dropstitch slip I purled and -how could it be any other way- it was at the beginning of my piece.

My first instinct was to keep it that way since it is a sample pattern top anyways, but I know this would bug me every time I would want to wear it. So I did what I had to do and unraveled the whole thing down to the mistake. I ended up with only a couple of rows left on the needle. Now I have less of a finished piece than when I started knitting yesterday *deep sigh*.  This shirt will keep me busy for a couple of days more than I expected, especially since I am not that eager anymore. Maybe I start something new before getting back to this project.

I am sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about.


Shoulder bag 1.2

I did it again

My latest project is a typical example of how my projects seem to develop a life of their own.

The last time I was at my favorite Wool store the owner had just crafted a very beautiful shawl made in the tunisian crochet technique. I was very keen in trying this myself. Before starting a serious garment I decided to use some of the leftover yarn from my stash, that was lying around forever collecting dust.
I chose a grey wool and just cast on a couple of stitches. It turned out to be so much fun that I decided to do a little project after all. Since the result of my crochet efforts with the chosen yarn turned out to be very tight and thick I thought some kind of square seat cover for my balcony chair would be easy enough. So I started over with a larger number of stitches and went on crocheting. For a while there I was very content. But honestly once you figure out how to do the basic tunisian crochet stitch it is not very challenging. So I began to think about what other great things I might be able to create with this technique. This must be perfect for baskets, table runners or bags. The last idea sounded quite appealing, so I was trying out how I could transform the so far crafted piece into a bag without having to unravel everything.
Once I had an image in my mind I continued with more enthusiasm eager to see the result. I crocheted a rectangle which I folded in half, added a shoulder Strap and a closing flap, steam ironed everything, sewed everything together and voila: a brand new shoulder bag.

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