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Change is coming!

Dear friends, I have decided to change my blogging format.

In the future my photography related blog will now be found here:

Simulacrum – out in left field. Click on the name to get redirected.

On Simulacrum I will share my newest pictures as well as ideas, tipps and tricks regarding photography.

I will also continue downright me, but only for my crafts related topics. Here I will share my latest sewing, knitting and crocheting projects, the development and results.

This will make it easier for you to find the topics you are interested in.

I would be happy if you would continue following either one or both of my blogs.

Thank you!



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Turn new into old

Last month I took some pictures at the Sechseläuten in Zürich. It is a parade of the guilds in historical costumes. I liked the colorful clothes but in the end I wanted to do something different with the pictures. I thought it would be fun to give them a historic look.


Twilight Zone

Off all the places in Zurich one keeps fascinating me so much that I find myself stopping by there on a regular basis. It is the Escher Wyss Platz. There is a bridge that crosses the river with tram tracks underneath, running in every direction. Stairs and elevators connect the tram station down on the street with the bus station on top of the bridge. The tram station is very busy, people are running to catch their connecting rides. Other than that the space feels empty.

The lighting underneath is so captivating that more than once I have left the tram just to walk around and soak the atmosphere in, watching the people pass by. No one ever stops, everybody is always on the move except when waiting for the elevator to the bus station.

I seem to be the only person who sees this place as something that is more than just a place to switch trams. Me, I keep coming back. This place makes me feel strangely connected and disconnected to the world at the same time, it’s my personal twilight zone.

Step up to a new challenge

Photography is one of my mayor interests and I am always interested in learning new thing so I started my third photography related online course. This time I enrolled in the Coursera Course about Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR on Feb 8th created by Michigan State University. It is a spezialization class consisting of five modules. The teachers are photographer Peter Glendinning and Mark Sullivan  (music composer and photographer). The videos are very informative although the sound is not allways great, sometimes it’s a little hard to understand the teacher’s voices.

I have successfully finished the first three modules and although I am not totally inexperienced I have learned a couple of new things. It is not just about technique and equipment. I like the fact that the emphasis is on the individual approach to photography, about emotion, purpose and personal interest. The assignments are very different each time and the peer review is very helpful in understanding how a viewer might interpret my work. I gained some new ideas about how to convey my goals. We also have to review the work of fellow students, to see their particular point of view and their way of how to approach a subject.

I am eager to continue my classes and start my Capstone project (last module).  I will have to use the knowledge I have gained to develop a meaningful project of 10 well composed photographs based on my special interests. So far I think the money for this course was well spent.

Confession of a Lake Lover

Ice, Ice, Baby

Who says museums are boring?

I always liked museums, even as a kid, but of course there are really great ones and those that bore you to tears. The Landesmuseum (National Museum) in Zurich is definitely one of the better ones. The building in itself is worth a trip. It is over 100 years old and is build like a castle. A few years ago they added a newer very modern looking section which makes it even more interesting. Some of the citizens were not very happy with the addition, but I think it is a bold combination of styles but it somehow works. The topic of the museum is cultural history showing examples of our history from its origins to the present day. There are also special exhibitions of various topics that change over time and a section about the history of Switzerland in particular. 

landesmuseum_2We enjoyed our visit very much.The exhibition is presented in a very entertaining way. Each room is done differently and you can explore as much or as little as you like. There are areas that are interactive and entertaining for children and adults as well. Everything is done professional and all electronic devices were in perfect working order (I mention this because I have been in museums before where half the interactive stuff did not work at all – very frustrating).

The building is under construction right now so one of the wings was closed but there was still enough to explore. We spend at least three hours in there and still had lots to see. The entrance fee of currently 10 CHF is fair. Children under 16 are free, but I think children under 8 or 10, will probably not enjoy it as much since there is a lot to read, too. We decided to visit the museum more than once and bought ourselves a year-long admission for 25 CHF.

So if you are interested in history and like museums the Landesmuseum Zurich is definitely worth a visit.

A Walk in the snow

It was snowing pretty much every day last week, but yesterday afternoon the sun came out. So we put on our snowboots, hats and mittens and went for a walk. We started from our appartement which is located in the part of Zurich called Höngg. We walked across the Werdinsel (a little island in the middle of the river Limmat) trying to spot beavers that are supposed to be living there right now – but unsuccessful.

We continued walking up the hill passing the church and the town vineyard. On our way up we saw our first milk dispenser. Continue reading “A Walk in the snow”

Of Tickets and Icicles

New Year has come and gone and we really did not care much about it. We did not make any resolutions, we were too busy putting our life in order. Today we finished my den/guest room. So today is also the first time since our move that I can use my computer without feeling like sitting in the middle of a construction site and so I do. The temperature has dropped a few degrees. We had some snow the last couple of days and it is now – 5 °C, although the wind feels much colder. Continue reading “Of Tickets and Icicles”

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